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   Posté le 22-04-2006 ŕ 18:48:32   

So now there aren't any english topics at all!...
Where are all 'englis fans' ?
Because I want to know where you're going in holidays next summer ? Is there somebody who will go to England/USA/australia ?

I travel to Dublin, in Ireland. I will be there 3 weeks, alone in an Irish family whith child/children and I hope they will be so old than I and I can understand they...

But I'm so crazy about english that it must and will be wonderfull

So what about you ? i wait on your answer
   Posté le 23-04-2006 ŕ 06:45:29   

The summer is very nice at my home ! (I'm a Quebecker...) so, I'm sure ! I'will stay in my city this summer ! We don't need to go at another place if the weather is good where we are !